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Thank-You Solidarity Action | Leipzig, Germany

“Welcome to all of you, which fled from the crimes of Assad and the brutality of ISIS! Welcome to all refugees from all over the world! Together we stand against violence and racism!”

As you may have heard, a month ago people from Rojava (Syrian-Kurdistan) and Suruc (Turkish-Syrian city on the border to Kobanê) showed solidarity with us against the racists from LEGIDA & Co.  A very good article (including an interview with two of our members) wrote Sarah Ulrich from kreuzer (a German magazine from Leipzig).   ( At this point we would like to thank therefor once again.

We also really wanted to thank for this extraordinary way to show solidarity against the German-racist mob. So we came together with friends at the Refugees-Welcome-Soccer -Tournament in Leipzig-Connnewitz for a Thank-you-Picture. We are very touched and we really like to thank to all the people which were involved!

Refugees Welcome!


Koçberên ku ji ber setema Esed û Daiş reviyane herdem ser çavan e!

Koçber hûn ser çavan hatin e ji hemû welatên cîhan ê. Dest bi dest dijî hemû rengên setem û radîkaliyî û faşîstiyê!

أهلاً وسهلاً بالاجئين الهاربين من جرائم الأسد ووحشية داعش!

أهلاً وسهلاً باللاجئين من جميع أنحاء العالم, معاً ضد جميع أنواع الوحشية والتطرف والعنصرية!

#nolegida #noassad #noisis



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