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PEGIDA: one useless year bringing peace for nobody

In March 2011, when large parts of the Syrian population reclaimed the streets, they stood up for something that Germany always claimed to represent: democracy, human rights and dignity.

The results of this conscious denial of a revolution as well as the absence of the necessary support are well-known to everyone: hundred thousands of people dead, millions of refugees both inside and outside of Syria – but still this is not enough.

After many people have lost their last hope in a free democratic Syria, they have set off to Europe where for the umpteenth time they face deadly ignorance. Those who have just fled from Assad’s regime, Islamist militias, or the miserable conditions in refugee camps are not given any space for the possession of peace of mind in Germany, either. Thus, it is not only impending deportations and overcrowded camps, but also movements such as PEGIDA doing their best to perpetuate the deadly continuity that started with the denial of a revolution.

A recent survey conducted by Adopt-A-Revolution showed that only 8% of all Syrian refugees plan on staying in Germany for good, while most of them only want to have a moment of peace before preparing to go back to a free Syria one day.

After one year of PEGIDA it is now the time more than it has ever been to support refugees in this very righteous cause. Everything else will provide nothing but fake solutions where primarily local refugees, but even PEGIDA members themselves, will not have won anything.

UKSSD e.V., October 19th, 2015

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