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Demonstration in solidarity with the besieged people in Madaya, Syria | January 16th, Berlin

Once again, Assad and his terrorist regime bank on systematic mass murder while international politics as well as public media keep preaching their sermon of no alternatives to this cruelty.

…no alternatives? Nonsense!
Considering the fact that international NGOs, as well as the international community, seem increasingly unwilling and/or unable to intervene in this kind of situations, the necessity of alternative, transnational support becomes obvious. This is an alternative that already exists.

For years, our friends and project partners from 15th Garden have been organizing the exchange of reproducible seeds and food production skills for supporting a self-sufficient production of food.

This Saturday, 15th Garden is calling for a demonstration in Berlin in solidarity with the people inside Syria as well as those fleeing the country. We as UKSSD are also calling to join the activities around the demonstration as well as the demonstration itself!
The starting point is Potsdamer Platz at 12h noon. See you there!

Against the sermon of no alternatives! Fighting the siege requires transnational organization!


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