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The Start of a Civil Society Center | Qamishlo, Syria.

Due to the challenges and difficulties that most Syrian regions are facing due to bombing, destruction, indiscriminate killing, and arrest, many people have migrated from their home regions to the more secure Kurdish areas in northern Syria. These areas are considered somewhat safer in comparison with the other Syrian cities, and especially for the diversity of nationalities and ethnic groups among local and displaced families.


This crisis that doesn’t seem to be ending, and Syria’s civil society seems to be indifferent to a political solution. In light of this, UKSSD, through its various activities seeks to achieve more rapprochement and incorporation among those people in order to make a kind of rapprochement among native northern Syrian people and the internally displaced people who now find themselves there.


Since 2012, UKSSD has initiated many projects in order provide services that it could improve civil society. Additionally, it has sought to make rapprochement among local people to achieve a balance in the region on a public level. This has a direct positive effect on civil society, as the projects worked on various humanitarian sectors, including education, child protection, youth development, health awareness, women’s protection, and increasing awareness in order to achieve peace and prevent violence. These activities were organized at homes and public places, and also in the UKSSD’s social centers in various cities like Qamishlo, Tirbispy, and Kobani. As an additional expansion and complementing of its mission, since January 2016, UKSSD’s began working on the expansion and development of its center in Qamishlo in cooperation with Syrian regional program, which changed its name to Qamishlo Civil Society Centre.The Centre’s activities will provide development services to the region.


Additionally, the, Qamishlo Civil Society Center will be a gathering place to the local cities organizations and institutions, and they can organize their various activities within it, where all the society strata can participate in various activities, including educational and developmental courses, dialogue sessions, film screenings, children’s concerts, woman’s sessions, awareness seminars, health campaigns and psychological support sessions. The hope is that these activities will support social integration among different components of society, including Arabs, Kurds, Christians and Yazidism along with the displaced persons community.


We are pleased to your permanent visit to the centre and be in touch with the activities and participate in it, for you are the first step to success.


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