Education – Support for Al-Rifqa Primary School in Raqqa

DOZ team in Raqqa city in coordination and collaboration with local education committee for schools in Raqqa and the management of Al-Rifqa school distributed school bags for pupils. DOZ distributed 525 schooling bags for all pupils and classes from first class to six class in the school.


The distribution was implemented under supervision of local school committee of Raqqa and Al-Rifqa school management for transparency and also to identify other needs and challenges at Al-Rifqa school such as quality of classes and damage happened to infrastructure. DOZ team made notes on all other needs related to rehabilitation or tools needed and will support the school if support could be found in the near future.


This activity is part of the local initiative “We Love Raqqa” which was initiated by DOZ Syria and led by local students and youth of Raqqa. The goal of this initiative is to pave the path for local students and youth to be part of rebuilding their city and provide support in many sectors such as education, protection public services, protection of environment, water, and local resources.


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