News from „Almanya in Arabic“ – Seminar on April 10 and 12, 2018 in Leipzig

On April 10 and 12, 2018 another “Almanya in Arabic” seminar about life and culture in Germany took place. This time around 15 inhabitants of a refugee home in the northeast of Leipzig. The first day gave an overview of German history, economy, politics, culture, and society. The participants enriched this presentation by asking various questions and by making comparisons with their countries of origin. This led to a very exciting discussion. At the end of this first day, the participants could not wait to continue on Thursday. Then there was more time and room for specific issues the participants are dealing with at the moment. These included mainly apartment search, receiving a residence permit as well as family matters, like raising and educating children.

Thereafter, we used the opportunity to talk to a few participants privately, so that they could share the personal experiences and opinions about the seminar:

A participant from Damaskus, Syria, said: “It is great to deal with Germans and to learn from them, because they are good people and very nice. And we are grateful because they welcomed us to their country at a time when other countries did not.”

She added: “We benefited from the ‘Almanya in Arabic’ seminars and received a lot of new information that we did not know before […] I hope that these seminars will continue. The most interesting in the seminar was how to live in this country, how to find access to education for children, and how to defend our rights.”

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