Religion in Germany – From Almanya To Germany Workshop on 12.01.2019 in Leipzig

On 12.01.2019 our “From Almanya to Germany” workshop took place in the Pöge-Haus in Leipzig. During this session, we discussed the topic “Religion in Germany“ with newcomers to Leipzig from Syria and Iraq.

The first part included general information and statistics about different religions in Germany: What religious groups are there and what is the breakdown? The group also talked about the importance of religious freedom.

The second part focused on the relationship between religion and state. With the group’s input, answers and ideas were collected on what secularism means. Germany was clearly understood as a secular state. Misunderstandings were also cleared up, e.g. that secularism could be equated with godlessness.

In addition, the participants discussed the possibility of a mosque tax corresponding to a church tax.

During the lunch that followed, these topics were further discussed. We were very happy about the lively discussion and the openness of the participants.

Participation is free of charge. Childcare is available upon request.

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