Support for IDPs and Disabled Persons | Kobani

UKSSD teams in Kobani launched a one-week support campaign in collaboration with Hevi Association for people with special needs to build a Database for People with Special Needs from locals and IDPs in Kobani and secure possible aid for them. This campaign started from 13.02.2013 to 22.02.2013.

In one of UKSSD tours on IDPs, UKSSD team made an interview with one family who fled from Serê Kaniyê to Kobani after ISIL attack and they reside in Botan suburb of Kobani. Also, UKSSD met three families who fled from Aleppo City to Kobani and they alllive in one room in Botan suburb of Kobani and they have a of children.

When passing by Kaniya Araba Suburb of Kobani, UKSSD team witnessed many children who should be at school at that time but instead they were in streets subject to violence scenes. many children are disabled and need special care which not available in Kobani.

UKSSD implements always research and investigating tours but we don’t have financial capacity and enough support to provide Care Centers for such cases.


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