Earthquake in Syria -Help Children Have Safe School Access Again

Let’s Make Schools Safe Again, No Lost Generation in Syria.

The ongoing war and displacement and the recent devastating earthquake have dramatically exacerbated the humanitarian crisis in Syria.  This earthquake has not only caused displacement of millions of children and their families, but also destroyed already fragile infrastructure, including schools and hospitals.

On 06.02.2023, a very violent earthquake also caused great damage in northern Syria. Many buildings in the area were damaged or destroyed, including many school buildings. In the region of Kobane, Aleppo alone, about 20 schools were affected by the earthquake.

We have received a list of needs from the local authorities for the repair of the earthquake damage, which shows that there is an urgent need for the rehabilitation of school buildings, so children can have safe access to their schools again.

Schools Affected by Recent Earthquake



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Our teams and partner organizations have been working in the Syrian earthquake zones, especially in the provinces of Aleppo, Hasakah and Raqqa, since 2012.

Even before the earthquake of 2023, Kobani city was destroyed due to the war against ISIS and our civil society center in Kobani was destroyed too. In this video from 2015 you see our Board member Ahmed Shekho speaking from Kobani in 2015:


DOZ e.V. has been on the ground since the beginning of the Syrian conflict in year 2012. In Syria, we support locals and IDPs directly or together with local partner organizations. We also help Syrian refugees, local Iraqi communities, and Iraqi IDPs in Iraq. We are both a local and a migrant-led organization.

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