Transparency is important to us. That is why we have joined the Transparent Civil Society Initiative. We are committing ourselves to making the following information available to the public and keeping them current.

1. Name, Board & Foundation


DOZ e.V. (DOZ International)

HQ: Leipzig


Schakespearestraße 18, 04107 Leipzig


Local Court Leipzig – VR5613

Year of Foundation:

2011 founded in Syria as a student initiative
2014 in Germany as formerly Independent Committee for Social Development and Self-Organised Democracy e.V. [short UKSSD]
2017 Change of name to DOZ e.V.

2. Statutes and Objectives

You can read our statutes here.

A world of stable, secure and livey community for both natives and diaspora

Empowerment, fostering and encouragement of sustainable civil society development in home and host countries

The main objective of DOZ e.V. is to protect children, adolescents, women, (internally) displaced persons and local communities from long-term negative influences of extremism, conflict tensions, inequalities of opportunity, injustice, poverty and violence in conflict regions as well as to establish safe places for them in developing and host regions.

3. Information on Tax Concessions

We are exempt from corporation tax pursuant to § 5 para. 1 no. 9 of the Corporation Tax Act of 01 August 2019 and from trade tax pursuant to § 3 no. 6 of the Trade Tax Act due to the promotion of art and culture, popular and vocational education as well as student assistance, the international spirit, tolerance in all areas of culture and the idea of international understanding and development cooperation pursuant to the annex to the corporation tax assessment of the Tax Office II, Leipzig, tax no. 231/141/11759.

Tax Excemption

4. Name and Function of Key Decision Makers

Abdulaziz Ramadan – Founder & CEO
Andrea Rutzen – Deputy Chairwoman
Samer Tabruri – Treasurer
Abdulmajeed Khalil – Founder & Regional Director
Walat Abdulrahman – Syria Director

5. Annual Reports

More detailed information about our work, projects and activities can be found in our annual activity reports.

Annual Report 2015-2017

Annual Report 2018 (To be uploaded soon)

Annual Report 2019 ( To be uploaded soon)

6. Personnel Structure

DOZ e.V. currently employs 4 employees part-time and 2 freelancers in Germany and ?? in Syria and Iraq in 2019. In addition, 3 interns and 5 volunteers are involved in our offices in Leipzig and ?? in Syria.

7. Source of Funds

Financial Report 2018

Financial Report 2019 (To be uploaded soon)

8. Use of Funds

Specific information on the use of funds in the respective years can be found in our annual and financial report.