DOZ e.V. has joined the Initiative Transparent Civil Society. In doing so, we voluntarily commit ourselves to complying with the transparency standards developed by the Action Alliance Initiative Transparent Civil Society.

Further information can be found here:

1.  Name, Registered Office, Address, Year of Foundation

Name: DOZ e.V. 

Register: Leipzig Local Court VR 5613 

Registered office: Leipzig 

Address: Shakespearestraße 18, 04107 Leipzig, Germany 

Year of foundation: 2014  

1st name: Union of Kurdish Students in Syria and Germany e.V. – Registration 2014 

2nd name: Independent Committee for Social Development and Self-Organised Democracy (UKSSD) e.V. – name changed in 2016 

3rd name: DOZ e.V. – name changed in 2017  


Initiative Transparent Civil Society Contact Person:  

Andrea Rutzen:  


2. Statutes and Aims

Our work focuses on the sectors of humanitarian aid, development cooperation and civil society. 

Statutes PDF available here: DOZ – Satzung

3. Notice of the Tax office, Tax Exemption

Name of the issuing tax office: Finanzamt Leipzig II 

Tax number: 231/140/31356

We are exempt from corporation tax according to § 5 Abs. 1 Nr 9 KstG and from trade tax according to § 3 Nr. 6 GewStG, because we exclusively and directly serve tax-privileged non-profit purposes in the sense of §§ 51 ff. AO. 

The purposes of the statutes comply with § 52 para. 2 sentence 1 no. 5, 7, 13 and 15 AO. 

Last issue: Being processed 

Assessment period:  2015-2017 

Tax Exemption Certificate as PDF available here DOZ Freistellungsbescheid

4. Name and Function of the Main Decision Makers

Board of Directors 

Abdulaziz Ramadan – Chairman 

Dr. Ursula Bischof – Deputy Chairperson 

Gabriele Kämpfe – Treasurer 

5. Activity Report

Our recent activity report as PDF available here DOZ_Taetigkeitsbericht_2021

6. Staff Structure

As of 29.03.2023, DOZ e.V. employs 3 full-time staff members in Germany. Of these, 3 work part-time at 20 hours per week. In addition, we employ about 6 freelancers and are supported by 5 volunteers. In Iraq and Syria, we employ 120 full-time staff members and are supported by 25 volunteers. 

7. and 8. Source and Application of Funds

Annual financial statement as PDF available here DOZ Jahresabschluss 2021


9. Corporate Legal Affiliation with Third Parties

There is no corporate affiliation with third parties. 

10. Names of persons and institutions whose annual donations account for more than ten percent of the total annual budget