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Quality Education

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education
and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all
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al-Hasaka Center for Civil Society
Leipzig Center for Civil Society
Ra's al-'Ain (SERÊ KANIYÊ)
Ra's al-'Ain Center for Civil Society
Ra's al-'Ain Center for Civil Society
Amude Center for Civil Society
Tirbespî Center for Civil Society
Kobanî Center for Civil Society
Al-Raqqa Center for Civil Society
DOZ e.V. centres within Syria provide courses for local students and children from indigenous families in need and IDPs because most regular schools closed after the level of violence increased.
Child Protection and Youth Development (CPYD)
DOZ e.V. teams and volunteers within Syria monitor the living standard of children in villages and refugee camps and investigate violence committed against children.
Women Protection and Empowerment (WPE)
Women play an essential role in political, economical and social processes but their role has always been marginalized in the past due to the existing political system and some specific Syrian social traditions.
Protection of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and Distribution of Non-Food Items (NFIs)
The protection of and assistance to IDPs is one of the main tasks that the DOZ e.V. teams within Syria focus on. Many Syrian families were not able to flee to Turkey so they stayed in cities in northern Syria.
Health and Health Awareness Campaigns
The on-going conflict in Syria has led to poverty and deteriorating living circumstances, a consequence of this is the spread of many diseases coupled with the risk of epidemics.
Civil Peace and Awareness, Peacebuilding and Prevention of Violence
DOZ e.V. centers focus intensively on raising civil awareness by means of campaigns, workshops seminars and public events with the aim of preventing violence between various groups or individuals within the Syrian society.
Bio-Agriculture and Food Security
Because of the on-going conflict in Syria which started in 2011, a majority of the farmers has been deprived of water, fertilizers and seeds. Hasaka province comprises 29% of the total cultivated land in Syria, it is the main producer of cotton, wheat and vegetables; however, agricultural production is severely diminished due to the on-going conflict.

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