Boosting Accountability to Children and Communities (BAACP) – Syria

Project Summary

The project “Boosting Accountability to Children and Communities” was implemented by DOZ in Northeast Syria.

The accountability towards local communities, PWDs, and children within local NGOs in Syria faced challenges due to a lack of technical expertise, tools, trained MEAL, and Non-MEAL staff, and developed policies related to accountability.

Activities Implemented Under This Project

In this project, DOZ managed to do 6 Focused Group Discussions – FGDs for both direct and indirect targets and beneficiaries within current running Doz Syria projects. More than 19 male and 21 female’s participants (including 6 from People With Disabilities – PWDs) took part in those FGDs. In addition to those, 24 children took part in the FGDs for children group (4 children were from PWDs group).

Also, we did 30 random individual interviews with stakeholders and beneficiaries in the project areas, 14 of them male, and 16 of them female, 5 of the totals were from PWDs group.

We also did two sessions for Doz Syria staff on many levels such as senior and local staff to discuss and reflect on the results collected during FGDs and interviews in this project and how to integrate them into our organizational capacity building plans.

Furthermore, we printed and distributed 1,000 brochures in Hasaka city, Raqqa city, and Tirbespi city in Northeast Syria on accountability, information about Doz Syria, information on contact information for feedback and complaints at Doz Syria, mechanisms that local CSOs should use in answering to feedback and complaints from local communities. Also, it includes recommendations based on information gathered during FGDs and interviews in this project. Also, 100 vest printed with complaints and feedback contact information of Doz organization were distributed on employees so they wear them during projects, so target communities can also identify them and see how to contact Doz organization in case of feedback of complaint.

Finally, we did four workshops for Doz Syria employees in four different geographical areas in NES on accountability, and how to improve performance, use of tools, feedback mechanisms and tools, and achieve mor community, children, and PWDs, participation to Doz project planning and implementation processes in NES.

The End

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