Strengthening Protection, Resilience and Effectiveness of Adolescents and Youth Affected by Conflict and Displacement

The project ” Strengthening Protection, Resilience and Effectiveness of Adolescents and Youth Affected by Conflict and Displacement in Northeast Syria” provide services under Protection, Education, and Livelihoods sectors.  

The Goal of this project was to increase the resilience of adolescents and young men affected by conflict and displacement to withstand protection risks and their ability to impact their lives by building and developing their capacities in specific occupations according to their needs and the needs of the local market. The specific objective of the project was to empower and develop the capacities of young people to obtain income-generating employment opportunities through the vocational training program.

Information about the Vocational Training Program

The trainingprogram is one of the activities included in the project of enhancing protection, resilience and effectiveness of adolescents and youth affected by conflict and displacement in Northeast Syria, where DOZ provides a three-year vocational training program during the years 2022, 2023 and 2024 and the total number is 500 trainees (males, females). Professions are selected according to the needs of the local market in Raqqa, within specialized training centers for vocational training and under the supervision of highly skilled and experienced trainers.

It is worth mentioning that this project was launched at the beginning of 2022 and will continue until the end of August of 2024. In the first year of implementation, 225 beneficiaries (133 males, 92 females) successfully completed three months of vocational training in the professions of (household electricity, barbering, hairdressing, sewing) by experienced trainers. Then they joined the apprenticeship program, which also lasted for three months by receiving field training by companies (shops) in the city of Raqqa. In addition, these young people benefited from the Education program (Numeral and Reading Literacy, learning the basics of the English language) in addition to participating in an integrated program from the Protection and Psychological Support Department under the supervision of the Protection Team at DOZ.

DOZ organization began targeting the second group of beneficiaries of vocational training on January 8, 2023, which included 125 young people (54 males, 71 females) between 18-24 years old, to be provided with vocational training according to the interest of each beneficiary on four different professions: (Household Electricity with the participation of 24 trainees, Men’s Barbering with the participation of 30 trainees, Hairdressing with the participation of 38 trainees, Sewing with the participation of 33 trainees).

Participants are also provided with two training kits (Education, Vocational Tools) containing basic tools to be used during training and benefit from them while doing their own work. Participants also undergo life skills, entrepreneurship and business management, design and implementation of small projects trainings and accordingly receive small grants that contribute to supporting them to launch their own projects and enter the labor market.

As the training within the centers will end on 15.04.2023 and enroll in apprenticeships for a period of three months, after which they receive a grant to open their projects.

In addition, these trainees benefit from the Literacy and Numeracy program, learning the basics of the English language and the Protection program, which includes activities and psychological support sessions, focused discussion sessions, youth clubs, initiatives led by the participating youth, in addition to sessions for caregivers and influential people in the community.

Activities Implemented Under This Project

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