Sport Against Extremism – DOZ Liga Leipzig 2018

The Project Sport against Extremism – DOZ Liga Leipzig 2018 is funded by Robert Bosch Foundation.

1. General Information About The Project

DonorRobert Bosch Stiftung
Period15.06.2018 – 31.12.2018
Number of Participants32 players (DOZ Football Team); 80 players (Other Football Teams under DOZ Liga). Total number of 112 young football players reached.
Number of Events31 Units
Project CoordinationAnne-Sophie Krys, Khalil Mustafa und Hussein Hussein
Football TrainerKassm Kanbr
Media Workshop TrainerShirwan Qasim
Flyers and DesignAbdullah Ramadan, Marian Reinig, Anne-Sophie Krys
CooperationsSport Club West 03 of Leipzig, Sports Association of Saxony State, Decathlon Paunsdorf

2. Brief Description of Project

Our project “Sport against extremism” was to focus on the interaction of young people and their personality development through soccer and other activities (media work, workshop) to achieve the goal of preventing extremism. The project was planned from mid-May to December 2018 and was to run in nine phases:

  • Phase 1: Promotion and set-up (15.05-15.06.2018).
  • Phase 2 : Team building (15.06-01.07.2018).
  • Phase 3 : Team days (1.07-15.07.2018).
  • Phase 4 : Training Phase: (15.07-15.09.2018)
  • Phase 5 : DOZ Liga Tournaments (17-23.09.2018)
  • Phase 6: Closing Ceremony with Awards (23/09/2018).
  • Phase 7 : Post-Processing (October 2018).
  • Phase 8: Presentation of the \project “Sport against Extremism” (\end of November 2018).
  • Phase 9: Concept for Sustainability of The Project (December 2018).

The aim of the project was to create an annual DOZ Liga in Leipzig. Through the organized DOZ Liga, we wanted to reach young people between 16 and 23 years old. Every person who is between 16 and 23 years old should be able to participate, regardless of gender or origin. For 2018, the plan was to have 64 players spread across 8 teams.

In addition, we wanted to give young people the opportunity to get to know each other and reflect on their own prejudices and manifestations of extremism. We wanted to encourage the youth to speak out about it and also organize an action about the topic during the DOZ League. The production of a documentary film was planned, in the context of which the participants were to deal with the topic of extremism in depth (phase 7 and 8 – panel discussion – presentation of the project).As a conclusion of the league week, a festival should take place, where there should be, among other things, Kurdish music, dance and food, and the opportunity for cultural exchange between the players and guests. The music, dance and handicraft groups that were created within the framework of the Yallah project “Kashkol Leipzig” were to perform there.

3. Progress of the Project Sport Against Extremism – DOZ League 2018

After the approval of the project by the Robert Bosch Stiftung, the DOZ team met on 14.06.2018 and a work distribution took place. Due to the delayed approval (4 weeks) and changed personal or professional duties (complexity of the topic of volunteering), the available volunteers became fewer. Nonetheless, we got the project off the ground with fewer people and a smaller number of activities. We made sure that each event could be conducted in multiple languages.

The documentary could not be made, but the core of the project was implemented: The soccer training ran for four months and the DOZ Liga Tournaments took place on 10/13/2018. Due to the high numerous registrations at the DOZ Liga, intercultural exchange took place and reflection on extremism was also made possible during the Liga. Due to the late approval of the music and dance project Kashkol-Leipzig, we unfortunately could not organize our dance event during the Liga. Players from different soccer teams, including the DOZ team, joined together after the Liga and continue to train together.

4. Activities Implemented Under This Project

4.1. Information Event

Date / Time30.06.2018 from13:00 till 16:00
PlaceMühlstraße 14, 04317 Leipzig
ParticipantsDr. Ursula Bischoff (Sociologist at German Youth Institute (DJI e.V.), Kassm Kanbr (Football Trainer), Anne-Sophie Krys (Projeject Supervisor), Mohammad Hussein (Translator German-Arabic) 8 participants from various countries.  
AgendaRound of introductions led by Dr. Ursula BischoffDr. Bischoff talked to us about what brought us together and encouraged us to see ourselves as a group. We talked about the expectations of the players and positive and negative aspects of soccer.Description and presentation of the whole project Overview of the training process by soccer coach Kassm Kanbr

4.2. Trainings

Date and Time12.07.2018 – 23.10.2018, Tuesday und Thursday, 7-9 PM
PlaceWest 03 Sport Club, Friesenstr. 14, 04177 Leipzig
ParticipantsKassm Kanbr (Trainer), Football Players, DOZ-Members
Number of Activities26
AgendaFor each activity, trainer Kassm Kanbr conducted a 2-hour training session.As a rule, the training consisted of three phases:  Warm-up, soccer drills, and soccer game

* The core group consisted of 32 soccer players between 13 and 30 years old, with an average age of 19.3 years. The countries of origin of the participants were Syria (16), Kurdistan-Iraq (4), Jordan (4), Germany (2), Yemen (2), Cameroon (2), Tunisia (1), Afghanistan (1), Colombia (1), Lebanon (1), Egypt (1), and Portugal (1).

Football Tournaments- “Connecting Diversity with Fair Play”

PlaceAbtnaundorfer Str. 47, 04347 Leipzig
ParticipantsDOZ Football Team, Kassm Kanbr
OrganizerSaxony State Sports Association
AgendaDOZ team won the first two games, Our players have reached the semi-finals

Grilling Together

Date and Time06.10.2018, 17:00-22:30
PlaceWest 03 e.V., Friesenstr. 14, 04177 Leipzig
Participants35 participants, including the DOZ team, Kassm Kanbr, Dr. Bischhoff, and DOZ members.
VerlaufCook, grill and eat together

DOZ Liga Leipzig 2018

Date and Time13.10.2018, 10:00-18:00
PlaceWEST 03, Friesenstr. 14, 04177 Leipzig
Participants8 teams (Afg latzio group 1 and group 2, Mohajer- Leipzig group 1 and group 2, DOZ group 1 and group 2, Star of Leipzig and Inter Leipzig)
Agenda– Words of welcome from the trainer Kassm Kanbr and the project officer.
– Registeration
– First part of the football matches
– Eat Together
– Second part of the football matches
– Cup Award: The teams Mohajer – Leipzig Group at 1 first place, Mohajer – Leipzig Group at 2 second place of the tournament and Star of Leipzig at 3 third place.

The Media Work – Workshop for Project Media Team and Volunteers

The media work had two focal points: on the one hand, advertising and reporting on the project, and on the other hand, social media skills were to be strengthened among the participants.

Work Achieved  1 poster card and 3 flyers were developed: 2 for player acquisition and one for the DOZ league. Setting up a project page on our website Management of a Whatsapp group with the participantsDOZ League 2018 event management on FacebookThe organization of a workshop with the theme: introduction to the social media world, by Shirwan Qsim, director.

Project Monitoring and Evaluation M&E

Indicator 1: Reaching the target group

Our original target group was young people between the ages of 16 and 23, regardless of gender and country of origin. Regrettably, we have not been able to recruit a woman for our team. Our reached age group has become broader and was between 14 and 30. The players’ countries of origin have been diverse: Syria (16), Kurdistan-Iraq (4), Jordan (4), Germany (2), Yemen (2), Cameroun (2), Tunisia (1), Afghanistan (1), Colombia (1), Lebanon (1), Egypt (1), and Portugal (1).

2: Participation of young people in all phases of the project

64 participants were planned for the entire project. Between 15 and 20 soccer players participated in the trainings.

At the DOZ League 2018 other teams were invited, so that the tournament could take place successfully. Attendance at the tournament was very good, with 80 soccer players showing up. A new team has now been formed from these teams. The DOZ league has been so successful that 35-40 players from other teams /Mohajer and Star of Leipzig hautsäschlich) want to continue to train with the DOZ team.

The participation of the mediateam has been too low to implement all activities.

Indicator 3: Improvement of young people’s skills: Media, sports, ability to work in a team

Soccer skills have increased and were confirmed by the participants. Regarding media work skills, a workshop was held. There was interest from participants, but the number was too small to further implement the media activities (including the creation of a documentary film).  New contacts, friendships, and an inclusive environment have been created so that teamwork skills have been strengthened.

Lessons Learned from The Project


The establishment of the necessary contacts and bookings should be planned into the project schedule, i.e., they can only be made bindingly once the project has been approved. However, preliminary arrangements should already be made.

Communication Optimization

  • At a minimum, a common spoken language must be agreed upon for the entire management team.
  • Each event must be translated (sometimes into several languages), as we have done.

Project Coordination

  • At each training session, a person of coordination must be present in order to improve contact with the participants and to implement the social objectives in addition to soccer.
  • Compensation/honorary issues: Adequate compensation for expenses should always be planned for.
  • At the beginning of the project, the position and roles of all team members must be clearly defined to enable a sense of security and responsibility.

The End

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