Reading, Dance, and Music – Şahi Fundraiser in Leipzig

On 27.04.2018 DOZ e.V. organized a reading and music event in the Kulturapotheke in Leipzig. Doz members prepared a buffet of homemade specialties – lovingly and diversely designed by members of the association.

A reading with the authors Abdulaziz Ramadan, Luna Ali, Ronya Othman, and Beliban Stolberg was presented in this event. Here, the meaning of otherwise ideologically occupied terms such as homeland, origin or identity was expressed in deeply personal ways, in different varieties and manifold linguistic pleasure.

After the reading, the music and dance event started which was led by DJ made by Andie and Mahmoud who joined forces to send the guests into a veritable dance frenzy.

We would like to thank all participants, supporters, and guests for their numerous attendances and donations.

Special thanks to David and the wonderful crew of the Kulturapotheke.

The End

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